OnTrack Women's Financial Empowerment Center

Financially knowledgeable women make better decisions for themselves and their families, increasing their economic security and well being.

The Women's Financial Empowerment Center provides OnTrack WNC's full range of financial counseling and education services with a women-centered approach, responding to women's unique needs and perspectives, to help them reach their financial goals.

All programming is FREE thanks to generous support from State Farm, Women for Women, and Sisters of Mercy.

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Current Education Offerings

OnTrack WNC Financial Education Schedule

Money Buddies Education Series (5-part series) We know that most women really love connections and relationships, so the Money Buddy Series encourages women to capitalize on personal connections to strengthen money management skills! The Money Buddy series invites women to “bring a friend” for support and encouragement as they embark on their money mission. In the 5-session series, participants set personal goals and the classes provide the information, tools, and support to reach them! Students will also receive their Credit Report and Score for FREE. Money Buddies support one another with mutual motivation and accountability.

Mother/Daughter Money Buddies (5-part series) - Mothers, do you want your daughters to become confident about money skills while developing your own? Ready to work on this together as a team?  This new series is a combination of our traditional Money Buddies series, which encourages women to capitalize on personal connections to strengthen money management skills. In this 5-session series, mothers and daughters (ages 11-15) will  attend the series together to set personal goals, learn the basics of budgeting, understand credit, and create their own real-life savings plan. By learning about money together, you will both feel empowered to start rewriting your financial stories! Mothers also receive a Credit Report and Score for FREE. A light meal (sandwich & chips) will be provided (FREE!) at the beginning of each class to each participant, and on the last class we will have a pizza party to wrap up!

10 Hidden Rules of Successful Money Management -Learn 10 rules that govern smart money management to help change your understanding of your personal financial life.

Assessing Your Insurance Needs - Find out what insurance is and which products you may need to protect yourself, your family, and your assets.

Banks, Credit Unions, and Checking Account Basics - Whether you write checks, use a debit card, pay bills electronically, or pay by mail, you need to keep track of the money in your account.  We’ll teach you how to balance your checkbook regularly and save money by avoiding overdraft charges.  Also, to help you determine where best to keep your money, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences between credit unions and banks.

Budgeting 101 - A budget plan is one of the best tools for financial empowerment. Learn how income, expenses, and debt all affect a successful budget and gain tools to help you create a realistic budget.

Closing the Wage Gap: Tips for Effective Wage Negotiation - Whether you are negotiating a hiring salary or asking for a raise, how you approach the subject is important. This session will address: Understanding factors that influence how pay range and compensation are different; how to position yourself to be valued by your employer; and effectively communicating with a decision maker about pay.

Credit? Get it. Keep it. Improve it- Find out what you know about credit!  Learn about what credit is, how to fix your past credit mistakes, read your credit reports, understand credit repair, and more.

Divorce and Your Money - Most of us don’t know where to begin the process of separating our lives from a partner, dividing assets and liabilities, making plans for our children and making it all legal.  This class will offer a road-map to allow participants to choose the path that is right for them, with an emphasis on doing it with the least amount of money and scorched earth. This class is for women in all types of partnerships and phases of their relationships. We also welcome therapists, clergy and others who offer assistance. 

Dreaming of Debt Free Living - Everyone has a different solution for managing debt.  This class will address the financial and emotional impact of being in debt and discuss the array of options for managing your debt.

Emotions & Spending - This class explores the powerful role of emotion in our use of money, and provides  tools  for understanding those connections and working with the influential pull our emotions have on our spending patterns.

Going to College without Going Broke - In this class, participants will learn about the mysterious world of financial aid, where to find scholarships, student loan forgiveness and repayment options, and avoiding scams targeted to students.

How to Buy a Car - Knowledge is definitely power when it comes to purchasing a car so start your education with this class. This class discusses the important steps to car ownership. These steps include researching cars, factors to consider, how to find a car, the history and safety of cars, financing options and extra and hidden fees.

Introduction to Homebuying - Thinking about purchasing a home, but don’t know where to start?   Between realtors, banks, closing costs, and inspections, the task can seem overwhelming. But don’t worry – this introduction to first time homebuying will provide the answers you’ve been looking for and resources to help! 

Planning for Your Financial Future - Are you ready to invest your money in the stock market but not sure how to begin? Learn the basic vocabulary and concepts that will help you in taking the plunge into smart financial investing.

Preventing Identity Theft - Identity theft happens when someone steals your personal information and uses it without your permission. In this class, we’ll discuss how it happens, identify popular fraud and scam techniques, learn how to prevent identity theft, and explain what to do if you’re a victim of identity theft.

Property & Casualty Insurance Basics - Learn about the state minimum requirements for your auto insurance and how that affects you.  In this class you will also gain an understanding of property insurance - why and when you need it.

Raising a Money Smart Child - Curious about how to teach your child about money but not sure where to start? This class will discuss easy to implement strategies to teach your child valuable life lessons about money from an early age through the college years.

Relationships and Money - Somehow, talking about money often results in arguments, hurt feelings, and a sense of inadequacy. Explore topics you will want to address to get stronger outcomes and learn how to make those conversations effective, calm, and rational. 

Savings and Goal Setting - Ready, set, SAVE! Learn how to create realistic savings goals and plan the steps needed to reach them!

Take Control of Holiday Spending! - How can we make memorable holiday seasons without ruining our finances?  Learn how to enrich the holidays without breaking the bank!

Understanding Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance - This class explores who needs these insurance products, their benefits, and the consequences of opting not to purchase them.

What Every Woman Needs to Know About Money: How to Start Empowering Your Financial Life - Everyone uses money, but not everyone approaches it the same way. This group education class will explore the differences in how women approach money; how our thoughts and feelings, and even our fears, both help and hinder us. We can learn to take advantage of our unique ways of decision making, and also our approaches to the risks and rewards of personal finance. Consider this issue that affects women the most: since we live longer than men, but still tend to earn less over a life-time, what’s a woman to do? This workshop will help you figure it out!

What To Do With Your Tax Refund - Confused about how to spend your tax refund? Should you pay off debt, build your emergency fund, or make a purchase you've been eyeing? In this class we'll discuss the options of how to best use your refund to benefit your financial goals.

OnTrack WNC Financial Education Schedule


Specialized Financial Counseling Program

Are you ready to get your financial life in order, but can't seem to get traction?  If you want help improving your credit, getting out of debt, learning to budget, saving for homeownership, or achieving another financial goal our specialized financial counselor can help!  We offer multi-session financial counseling for women who are committed to making a change in their financial lives. 

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