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If Homeownership is Your Goal, Our Homebuyer Program is the Best Place to Begin.

Step 1: Homebuyer Education

If you are considering buying a home in the next year, Homebuyer Education is an invaluable investment that will provide you with a comprehensive foundation for the homebuying process. During our HUD-certified course you will:

  • Learn the process of buying a home from A to Z;
  • Get a better idea of where you stand in that process and what you need to do to achieve homeownership;
  • Hear from local professionals including a realtor, inspector, lenders, and a closing attorney.

Classes are offered monthly in Asheville. Advanced registration is required. See full schedule here.

Does the in-person Homebuyer Education schedule not work for you? If you don't live near Asheville or your schedule makes it impossible to attend our in-person Homebuyer Education, you can utilize our online homebuyer education course, which provides excellent information and the added convenience of self-paced learning.

Step 2: Receive Your Credit Report

Getting all three credit reports and scores and reviewing the information with an OnTrack WNC counselor will help you understand the mortgage options available to you based on your credit history. If necessary, you and your counselor can create an action plan with steps you can take toward improving your credit.

Step 3: Homebuyer Counseling

After attending Homebuyer Education, you'll attend a one-on-one homebuyer counseling session with one of our certified housing counselors. Working with the counselor you will:

  • Learn how much home you can afford;
  • Review your personal financial situation to create your homebuying plan;
  • Understand how to improve your credit or pay down debt if necessary; and
  • Receive comprehensive information about down payment assistance potentially available to you.


In-person Homebuyer Education: $50

Online Homebuyer Education: $100

Homebuyer Counseling: FREE

Three Credit Reports and Three FICO Scores

  • If Attending Homebuyer Education: $15.00
  • If not Attending Homebuyer Education: $30.00

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"When I first thought about purchasing a home, I realized that I didn't know the proper way of establishing credit. OnTrack WNC helped show
me the proper steps of establishing credit and taught me budgeting skills. Now I have a home of my own.

- Patricia Waters,
OnTrack WNC Appreciative Participant, and Proud Homeowner


Special Thanks to our 2017 Homebuyer Education Sponsors

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Grant Support:The CFWNC Asheville Merchants Fund, PNC Bank, TD Bank, Wells Fargo and United Way.


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