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Student Loan Counseling: Free

Whether you are a prospective student sifting through piles of financial information and loan offers or a current student or graduate trying to understand refinancing options and how to prioritize debt payments, sitting with one of our counselors can help make sense of it all!  As you go from high school to college or from college to career, it is important to start off with a strong financial foundation and we can help.

During a student loan counseling session, your counselor will analyze your personal financial situation.  If you are a prospective student, your counselor can evaluate your financing options with you and determine which path best suits your situation.  If you are currently a student or a graduate, your counselor will help you determine the status of your current loans, explain the consolidation process, and present different options to create affordable payments that work within your budget and meet your financial goals.  Often times, your counselor can contact your lender directly to work out an affordable repayment plan.

If your student loan is in default, your counselor can work with you and the lender to create a reinstatement plan that would allow for a more affordable repayment and clear up the negative reporting on your credit.

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The National Center for Education Statistics found that 50% of recent college graduates have student loans. The average student loan debt is $10,000 and the cost of most colleges is increasing at twice the rate of inflation.

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