Current Class Offerings

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All Classes are free of charge unless otherwise noted.

All classes listed below are held at OnTrack WNC Offices, Asheville.

Pre-registration is required for all classes. Register online by clicking on the class title or call 828-255-5166 today.

Housing Classes

Homebuyer Education - If you are considering buying a home in the next year, Homebuyer Education is an invaluable investment that will provide you with a comprehensive foundation for the homebuying process.

Home Energy Efficiency - Check out this class and learn how to make your living space more energy efficient.

Money Management and Credit Classes

Manage Your Money - This very popular multi-part series provides interactive instruction on the basics of fundamental financial skills.

Credit. Get it. Keep it. Improve it. -  Register today and learn everything you need to know about how to manage your credit.

Budgeting & Debt Class - Learn how to make your budget work for you!        

Credit Awareness Day - Receive one free credit report and score thanks to the EXCLUSIVE sponsorship from First Bank.

Women's Financial Empowerment Center

Preventing Identity Theft - In this class, we’ll discuss how it happens, identify popular fraud and scam techniques, learn how to prevent identity theft, and explain what to do if you’re a victim of identity theft.

Savings & Goal Setting - Learn how to create realistic savings goals and plan the steps needed to reach them!

How to Find Extra Income In Your Day-to-Day Life - Getting a second job or working extra hours are only two ways to help increase your cash flow. We will do several exercises to help you build a personalized plan to creatively decrease expenses and increase income.

Introduction to Homebuying - Thinking about purchasing a home, but don’t know where to start? This class will explain the homebuying process.

Discover Your Money Vision and Flip Your $ Switch - This class will help you clarify your money goals through creating a vision board and then discuss the limiting barriers that hold us back from our financial goals.

Going to College Without Going Broke - In this class, participants will learn about the mysterious world of financial aid, where to find scholarships, student loan forgiveness and repayment options, and avoiding scams targeted to students.

Planning for Your Financial Future - Learn the basic vocabulary and concepts that will help you in taking the plunge into smart financial investing.

Assessing Your Insurance Needs - This is a fantastic class to get yourself up to speed on how to best protect your assets.

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  • Anna Booraem
    Anna Booraem
  • Shanae Johnson
    Shanae Johnson
  • Wayne & Jodi Mott
    Wayne & Jodi Mott
  • William Raynor
    William Raynor
  • Lucia Daugherty
    Lucia Daugherty
  • Julie Perley
    Julie Perley
  • Bailey Gartman
    Bailey Gartman
  • Diana Honeycut
    Diana Honeycut
  • Lisa Gaskin
    Lisa Gaskin
  • Carmen Govea
    Carmen Govea
  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson
  • Jordan Barlow
    Jordan Barlow
  • Susan Mosley
    Susan Mosley
  • Jessica Turner and Robert Forbes
    Jessica Turner and Robert Forbes
  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams
  • Emily and Jordan Stanley
    Emily and Jordan Stanley
  • Marie Collins
    Marie Collins
  • Brittany Ferguson
    Brittany Ferguson
  • Latoya Gardner
    Latoya Gardner