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Get Your Taxes Prepared

Prepare your own tax return, for free!

Unfortunately, all of our traditional tax appointments have filled for the season. The good news is that there’s another way we can help with your taxes! Here’s how it works:

Facilitated Self Assistance (FSA) – Do you want to try preparing your own taxes, but feel like you’d need a little backup? We’re here for you! With FSA, you’ll input your own return. If you get stuck, you can email one of our IRS-certified Volunteers for help with simple tax questions. Interested? Click here to get started. This program will be available through the tax filing deadline, May 17, 2021.

Not sure if you ought to file a tax return? Click here for more information about who is required to file and who might benefit from filing.

  • Anna Booraem
    Anna Booraem
  • Shanae Johnson
    Shanae Johnson
  • Wayne & Jodi Mott
    Wayne & Jodi Mott
  • William Raynor
    William Raynor
  • Lucia Daugherty
    Lucia Daugherty
  • Julie Perley
    Julie Perley
  • Bailey Gartman
    Bailey Gartman
  • Diana Honeycut
    Diana Honeycut
  • Lisa Gaskin
    Lisa Gaskin
  • Carmen Govea
    Carmen Govea
  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson
  • Jordan Barlow
    Jordan Barlow
  • Susan Mosley
    Susan Mosley
  • Jessica Turner and Robert Forbes
    Jessica Turner and Robert Forbes
  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams
  • Emily and Jordan Stanley
    Emily and Jordan Stanley
  • Marie Collins
    Marie Collins
  • Brittany Ferguson
    Brittany Ferguson
  • Latoya Gardner
    Latoya Gardner