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Get Your Taxes Prepared

How to File Taxes Online

The tax filing deadline was on July 15, 2020. If you missed this deadline and still need to file you can use this link to find a free or low-cost option to file online. Be sure to use the link, as you’ll likely be directed to a site that charges a fee if you do an online search.

Some people feel understandably nervous about filing their own taxes online. If you are interested in this option but feel hesitant, know that you can prepare a return without any obligation to file it. You can complete the return to the best of your ability, and then see if the refund or amount-owed aligns with your expectations. If it does, go ahead and file. If the result of the return doesn’t match your expectations, double check your work, and consider going to a tax prep site if it still doesn’t add up.

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