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Relationship Financial Stress Can’t Be Cured with a box of Chocolates!

Relationship Financial Stress Can’t Be Cured with a box of Chocolates!

Love and Money: Intentional Conversations

We hope these TEN TIPS for having hard money conversations will help you and your beloved develop a healthy, happy money life:

  1. Be honest with yourself and each other when it comes to financial matters.
  2. As financial challenges appear, work together to address them directly instead of ignoring problems and wishing they will resolve themselves.
  3. Establish money rules for the relationship and hold each other accountable. Discuss what will be jointly managed and set rules for making independent spending decisions.
  4. Don’t conceal debt or sources of income from each other. Financial infidelity should be taken as seriously as any other form of cheating. Adhere to a policy of financial transparency to strengthen trust in the relationship.
  5. Set a time and place where financial matters can be discussed on a regular basis, free of distractions.
  6. Keep the tone of the conversation casual, and remain open to what each other has to say.
  7. If a disagreement should go unresolved during a conversation, take a moment to find acceptable ways to compromise or consider revisiting the issue after a short time-out.
  8. If a financial mistake is made, couples should work together to find solutions without assigning blame. Be willing to accept a fair share of the responsibility for the problem and the solution.
  9. When tracking joint financial goals, understand that changing circumstances require a degree of flexibility from both partners in a relationship.
  10. Understand that a single financial setback impacting one person ultimately affects the entire relationship, no matter how large or small the issue.

Money issues may reveal deeper problems in the relationship that require outside intervention. Seek advice from a relationship counselor if matters cannot be resolved through normal communication. The same is true for the financial side of the equation. OnTrack WNC can help you address challenges and restore financial health.  Call OnTrack WNC today at 255-5166!

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