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OnTrack WNC is hiring!

We Are Hiring A Grants and Development Manager!


What is OnTrack WNC Financial Education & Counseling?

OnTrack WNC helps people achieve their money and housing goals so they can live their lives according to their values. We have been around since 1973 and serve 18 counties in Western North Carolina. Our values include a supportive working environment, ongoing growth and improvement, respect for our clients’ wisdom, and meaningful diversity and inclusion. We have 15 employees.

What’s new at OnTrack?

OnTrack welcomed a new Executive Director in 2023. As we prepare for our strategic planning process, we’re looking for team members who are passionate about financial wellbeing in WNC and who are ready to evolve with us as we envision the next chapter of OnTrack.

What is the position?

This is a full-time Grants and Development Manager position, based out of Asheville, NC. You’ll work from the OnTrack office three days per week. You will be provided with technology (laptop, etc.) to facilitate working from home two days per week. However, working from home isn’t required. You’ll be leading the storytelling for our organization through grant-writing, development, and donor relations, and will play a key role in external communications for the organization.

Who we’re looking for:

We encourage candidates who have (or want to build) the knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below to apply for this role:

  • Experience in writing compelling grant applications with excellent storytelling.
  • Skills in writing clearly and convincingly about nuanced topics.
  • Skills in event planning.
  • Ability to clearly and warmly communicate goals, successes, and challenges in meetings with funders, donors, and sponsors.
  • Ability to create compelling written and visual messaging that informs and encourages connection to OnTrack and its services.

Although not required, you may have one or more of the following:

  • Experience with or knowledge regarding principles of personal finance and/or housing as it pertains to those of limited means as well as the historically disadvantaged.
  • Experience with web and newsletter platforms.
  • Experience with design software like Canva.
  • Experience with oral, written, or visual storytelling

Why work at OnTrack WNC?

You will be supported, learn a lot, and grow professionally while working with people who care about their jobs, their coworkers, and serving our community.

The starting pay range for this position is $55,000 - $62,000 with compensation determined by previous experience.

OnTrack also provides significant employee benefits:

  • Medical insurance (OnTrack WNC currently pays 95% of premium; employees pay $24/month)
  • Life and Disability insurance (no cost to employee)
  • 401(k) retirement plan (after one year, OnTrack WNC contribute 5% of your annual pay)
  • OnTrack WNC provides 10 paid holidays/year, and you’ll be eligible for 17 days of paid time off (PTO) in the first year. PTO increases with length of employment.

Job Description

The Grants and Development Coordinator will take an active role in revenue development by leading our grant writing and assisting with fundraising and donor outreach. While there is a typical rhythm between the grants and development cycle, applicants can anticipate a general workflow that consists of 50% of work time dedicated to grant writing and prospecting, 25% of work time dedicated to donors and fundraising strategies, 15% of work time dedicated to external communications, and 10% of work time to general role administration and agency engagement. The ability to prioritize work hours and be agile with competing priorities is a must.

Job Duties

Inspired, Proactive, and Compelling Grants Stewardship (50%): OnTrack WNC maintains a 1.4+ million budget, with over 60% of the budget funded through government, corporate, and foundation grants.

  • Research and identify prospective grant sources to meet existing funding needs as well as those which would support agency growth and reach.
  • Draft and edit high quality, compelling grant proposals and grant reports.
  • Partner with Leadership Team and program leads to develop proposals which accurately and vividly describe OnTrack WNC’s vision, values, impact, and capacity.
  • Manage grant applications and reports by establishing timelines that outline tasks, assignments, and deadlines; meet all deadlines; facilitate timely communications with program leadership; collect grant submission materials from Programs and Finance Departments.
  • Establish and maintain positive and professional working relationships with private grantors, corporate funders, and governmental agencies.

Cultivate non-grant development (25%): OnTrack WNC has a fundraising goal of $200,000 for 2024, with an agency goal of growing this area in its funding portfolio.

  • Assist with the creation and implementation of a development plan that incorporates a range of strategies including annual appeals, major donors, recurring donations, grants, corporate and individual appeals, sponsorships, marketing, and special events.
  • Assist in maintaining relationships with existing donor base by setting up and maintaining donation software.
  • Assist in the identification and solicitation of potential new sustaining donors and funding partnerships.
  • Manage donor correspondence and acknowledgments.
  • Manage sponsor relationships by reporting on program results and successes realized from the funding.

Responsible for the creation and coordination of a variety of fundraising activities including campaigns and events.

  • Partner with the Executive Director and Director of Finance and Grants to plan/strategize all fundraising events and play a lead role in the implementation of events.
  • Record and track event data and constituent information, including expenses, registration lists, and results.
  • Work closely with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors Fundraising Committee to help design, advertise, and implement events and campaigns.

Coordinate and maintain external communications (15%):

  • Work closely with the Executive Director and Leadership Team to design and implement strategies to increase public visibility.
  • Help develop the agency’s external communications plan with the oversight of the Executive Director and Director of Finance and Grants.
  • Play a leading role in creating annual reports which help tell our story and highlight our achievements.
  • Coordinate external communication team who implement:
    - A relevant online presence for the agency by keeping website up-to-date.
    - An external communication calendar.
    - OnTrack’s social media profiles and posts, including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
    - The monthly email newsletter.
    - Create and write relevant and dynamic development publications and promotional materials, such as fliers and brochures.
    -  Maintain an organized library of graphic elements, photos, and publication items for agency promotional use.

Participate as an active and engaged member of the staff (10%):

  • Attend team meetings and staff meetings, actively participate, and provide thoughtful input. Make occasional presentations as assigned.
  • Participate in group and independent projects as needed to further team or agency objectives.
  • Participate in strategic visioning and planning for the future of OnTrack.

Other duties as assigned.

Our commitments:

OnTrack is committed to being a leader in inclusion and welcoming in the financial field, and our goal is to set the standard for others in the industry. We recognize that by continuing this work of introspection and dedication to inclusivity we will contribute to building a culture that supports the financial goals of everyone, regardless of their background.

OnTrack’s Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Statement 

At OnTrack, our mission is to help people achieve their financial goals through education, counseling, and support. We strive to build authentic relationships with those negatively impacted by an industry which has a history of systemic discrimination of biased policies, processes, and programs. We seek to address these inequities by intentionally educating ourselves, connecting more with these impacted communities, creating impactful programs based on their needs, and monitoring outcomes to hold ourselves accountable to continue this work.

OnTrack’s staff and board selection process aims to attract, retain, promote, and value diversity within the staff and board members. Our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion values representation and accountability between employees, board members, community members, stakeholders, and partner organizations. 

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion statement reflects our history and current efforts. We intend for this statement to evolve as our organization grows.

COVID-19 Policy

Out of concern for vulnerable populations whom we serve including those who are unable to vaccinate due to health reasons and based on feedback from our staff, OnTrack WNC strongly encourages employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 before interacting with clients or coworkers.

Application Instructions

Send us your Cover Letter and Resume. Please include these items in your cover letter:

  • Let us know how you heard about the position.
  • Make the connection between your job experience and for this role, specifically speaking to the knowledge, skills, and experience section.
  • Describe your commitment to communities of color, racial equity, and/or experience within the Black community in North Carolina.
  • Tell us why you are interested in the job.
  • Include names and email addresses for 3 professional references (to be contacted only if an offer is possible).

No phone or drop‐in inquiries please.

Submission: Email your cover letter and resume to Emily Roth at with a subject line of “Grants and Development Manager – your last name.”

Deadline: Tuesday, January 2, 2024

We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Anna Booraem
  • Shanae Johnson
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