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Individual Counseling

In-person counseling is available for all Western NC residents Monday-Thursday.

Virtual counseling is available Monday-Friday.

To schedule an appointment, we offer two options:

  1. Online: Fill out one of the intake forms linked below. The intake will take about 30 minutes. (You may want to have bank account statements and paystubs handy.) Then you'll be directed to our scheduling page.

  2. Phone and mail: Call us at (828) 255-5166 option 3 and we'll be happy to mail paper forms.

Have you seen us for Counseling Services in the past 6 months? If so, please email us at before beginning an intake form. We might be able to save you some time!

Hit a snag? Email us at or call us at 828-255-5166 option 3.

Here are the types of counseling we offer:

Homebuyer Counseling: Meet one-on-one with a HUD-certified counselor to get a better idea of where you stand in the process and what you need to do to achieve homeownership. In this session you will: Learn how much home you can afford and receive comprehensive information about qualifying for affordable mortgages and down payment assistance programs. To get started with Homebuyer Counseling, fill out our Intake Form or call us at 828-255-5166 option 3.

  • If you need a homebuyer education certificate for a mortgage, you need to take the eHome Homebuyer Education Course. You will not receive a homebuyer education certificate by meeting with a counselor.
  • If you’d like to start your homebuying journey by paying down debt, please see Debt Counseling below.

Credit Counseling: If you need help building, improving, or repairing your credit, we are the credit experts to help! In a credit counseling session, our certified credit counselor will review your personal credit report, explain how different items in your credit history are hurting or helping you, and give specific recommendations for actions to take to meet your goals including how to dispute items or accessing low-cost credit building products. (If you would like help managing existing credit card debt, see Debt Counseling below.) To get started with Credit Counseling, fill out our Intake Form or call us at 828-255-5166 option 3.

Financial Budget Counseling: Ready to get a spending plan that meets your money needs, wants, and goals? Work with us to create a monthly spending plan that takes into account all your income, expenses, debts, and savings to learn where your money is going now and what you want to do differently so that you can change your money behaviors and achieve your goals. To get started with Financial Budget Counseling, fill out our Intake Form or call us at 828-255-5166 option 3.

Debt Counseling: If you need help figuring out how to pay down your debt or are considering a debt management plan, debt consolidation, or debt settlement, we can help you create a plan to meet your money goals. Our counselor will work with you to create a budget to determine how much money you have available to put towards paying down debt and you’ll review low-cost debt management options that may lower interest, consolidate payments, and eliminate late fees. (Note, this session will not cover specific repayment options for student loans. For more information on student loans, see our DIY Student Loan Debt Guide.) To get started with Debt Counseling, fill out our Intake Form or call us at 828-255-5166 option 3.

Foreclosure Prevention Counseling: Are you a homeowner and late on your mortgage payments or concerned about being able to afford mortgage payments in the near future? Meet with a HUD-certified counselor to see what options might be available to you, review the pros and cons of different options and choose your next step based on your personal money and housing situation. To get started with Foreclosure Prevention Counseling, fill out our Intake Form or call us at 828-255-5166 option 3.

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