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BBB Scammer Alerts: Tricks and More Tricks

It's the season...actually every season is the season to be aware of the latest scams and frauds designed to separate you from your financial identity, awesome credit score or hard earned money. Here are two important alerts from the Better Business Bureau:

College Student Scams: As if college students don’t have enough to worry about with exams, roommate drama and living away from home, now scammers are capitalizing on this “market” of inexperienced, vulnerable consumers. Schemes include fake credit cards, too good to be true apartment deals, bogus scholarships/grants, and employment scams. Get the details.

Travel Scam: If you’ve booked a trip through watch out!  BBB warns consumers that fraudsters have created fake customer service numbers and posted them online in hopes tricking customers into calling. Thieves then present various scenarios that “require” customers to pay with prepaid gift cards – a BIG warning sign. Learn more.

  • Anna Booraem
    Anna Booraem
  • Shanae Johnson
    Shanae Johnson
  • Wayne & Jodi Mott
    Wayne & Jodi Mott
  • William Raynor
    William Raynor
  • Lucia Daugherty
    Lucia Daugherty
  • Julie Perley
    Julie Perley
  • Bailey Gartman
    Bailey Gartman
  • Diana Honeycut
    Diana Honeycut
  • Lisa Gaskin
    Lisa Gaskin
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    Carmen Govea
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    Kelly Jackson
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    Jordan Barlow
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    Susan Mosley
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    Jessica Turner and Robert Forbes
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    Amber Williams
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    Emily and Jordan Stanley
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    Marie Collins
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    Brittany Ferguson
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    Latoya Gardner