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Special Programs

Learn more about OnTrack WNC’s Special Programs which include:

  • Free Tax Preparation is available for eligible households through our Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA); IRS trained volunteers can assist you in completing and filing Federal and State taxes at no charge.  
  • Our Women’s Financial Empowerment Center provides women-centered classes and counseling to help you create your money vision, build skills, and move toward your financial goals.
  • If you are an older adult, our Services for Seniors education and counseling is tailored to your age and stage of life.  We can help you evaluate your budget to prepare for retirement, evaluate Reverse Mortgages, and minimize fraud/scam risks. 
  • Local businesses and organizations recognize the importance of Employee Financial Wellness and partner with us to support their workforces.  Contact us if your business would like to explore contracting with us to provide on-site counseling, education, matched savings or housing assistance programs.
  • Our SECURE Emergency Savings is a great program that helps to develop a realistic savings habit!  Complete classes and 1-on-1 appointments to gain tools and skills and create a personalized budget which includes monthly expenses, paying down debt and emergency savings!
  • Anna Booraem
    Anna Booraem
  • Shanae Johnson
    Shanae Johnson
  • Wayne & Jodi Mott
    Wayne & Jodi Mott
  • William Raynor
    William Raynor
  • Lucia Daugherty
    Lucia Daugherty
  • Julie Perley
    Julie Perley
  • Bailey Gartman
    Bailey Gartman
  • Diana Honeycut
    Diana Honeycut
  • Lisa Gaskin
    Lisa Gaskin
  • Carmen Govea
    Carmen Govea
  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson
  • Jordan Barlow
    Jordan Barlow
  • Susan Mosley
    Susan Mosley
  • Jessica Turner and Robert Forbes
    Jessica Turner and Robert Forbes
  • Amber Williams
    Amber Williams
  • Emily and Jordan Stanley
    Emily and Jordan Stanley
  • Marie Collins
    Marie Collins
  • Brittany Ferguson
    Brittany Ferguson
  • Latoya Gardner
    Latoya Gardner